Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – Curing Lights for Ceramic Coatings !!

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We have had several customers ask us about curing lights for ceramic coatings, and if they are the only way you can correctly apply these coatings. This is not true at all, curing lights are useful for workshop and detailers as its speeds up the curing process. But the end result of a coating cured by light and a coating left to cure on its own, are the same. As far as we are aware, there is no evidence to suggest that the lights help or improve the coating at all. These coatings are designed to be used at home, by customers who do not have curing lights available to them. So if you are being told that it’s a must, that’s not correct. And they are doing this so that they can get you in the door and charge you big money for a coating application, that you could have done yourself at home.

We Are CarPro NZ Certified Detailers

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When your considering investing in a ceramic quartz coating to protect your vehicles paintwork, you want to know that they people you are dealing with are the very best the industry has to offer. Our detailing team, Finer Details are CarPro NZ Certified Detailers, leaving you with the satisfying task, of enjoying how amazing your vehicle now looks.

Detailers Guide – Q & A Session

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Here at the Detail Depot, knowledge is held in high regards. It helps to avoid mistakes, and get those perfect results every time. We want to share all our detailing knowledge. So we will run regular Q & A sessions, in an effort to share everything we know. So ask us any car care questions !!!

Ask us here on our BLOG, or here on our Facebook Q&A post.

Detailers Guide – Regular Maintenance – Detail Depot

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Detailers Guide Regular Maintance

Step 1 – Wheels

I generally start by cleaning the wheels as most wheel cleaners work best when the wheel is dry, but this is not always the case. Spray a light coating of the cleaner on the wheels and let it soak and work away for about 5 – 10 mins. I use this time to setup the rest of the gear I need to wash the car, hoses, water blaster etc….Once the wheel cleaner has fully soaked in I use a wheel brush to agitate the brake dust, this step is to make sure all the brake dust has been affected and loosened by the wheel cleaner. Before washing off the cleaner use another wheel or tyre brush to give the tyre a quick scrub. The last step is to wash the cleaner off. Water blasters are ideal for wheel cleaning as they can cut through built up brake dust left on the wheel.

Recommended CarPro Product – CarPro – Iron X – Iron Filings and Contaminants Cleaner – 500ml

Important Tip – The main reason I start with the wheels is that brake dust is basically tiny bits of metal, and if they get on any sponge, wash mitts etc, they will scratch the paint and leave swirls.
Step 2 – Snow Foam (Pre Wash)

The pre wash is an extra step to some people but vital to others, The goal of the Pre Wash is to reduce the amount of contact you have with your vehicle’s paint. The less scrubbing or washing you do the less chance there is that you will rub dirt into your vehicle’s paint, which in turn creates swirls and scratches. The Foam will loosen the dirt and then flow off when you spray it down. This step is one of the most important steps if you want to reduce the amount of damage that could be caused to your paint when you wash it down later.


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