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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – Curing Lights for Ceramic Coatings !!

We have had several customers ask us about curing lights for ceramic coatings, and if they are the only way you can correctly apply these coatings. This is not true at all, curing lights are useful for workshop and detailers as its speeds up the curing process. But the end result of a coating cured by light and a coating left to cure on its own, are the same. As far as we are aware, there is no evidence to suggest that the lights help or improve the coating at all. These coatings are designed to be used at home, by customers who do not have curing lights available to them. So if you are being told that it’s a must, that’s not correct. And they are doing this so that they can get you in the door and charge you big money for a coating application, that you could have done yourself at home.

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Latest Edition of Detailers Guide is Live at Drive Life

Check out our latest edition of Detailers Guide now at Drive Life. This edition focuses on the questions and behind Ceramic Coatings and our recommended product C.Quartz FINEST. Head on over to Drive Life to check it out by clicking the link below.

Detailers Guide – Ceramic Coatings – C.Quartz FINEST

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We Are CarPro NZ Certified Detailers

When your considering investing in a ceramic quartz coating to protect your vehicles paintwork, you want to know that they people you are dealing with are the very best the industry has to offer. Our detailing team, Finer Details are CarPro NZ Certified Detailers, leaving you with the satisfying task, of enjoying how amazing your vehicle now looks.

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Before and After Meeting The Chemical Guys

An awesome Jeep Rubicon stopped in for a deep clean, after a great day out.  Here is the Before and After being introduced to Chemical Guys. Some Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam to get all that mud off, Chemical Guys Tire and Trim Gel for that new car look and fee and Chemical Guys Bare Bones for protection

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Detailers Guide – Q & A Session

Here at the Detail Depot, knowledge is held in high regards. It helps to avoid mistakes, and get those perfect results every time. We want to share all our detailing knowledge. So we will run regular Q & A sessions, in an effort to share everything we know. So ask us any car care questions !!!

Ask us here on our BLOG, or here on our Facebook Q&A post.

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Customer Satisfaction is Key Here At The Detail Depot

One of our customers wasn’t getting the right mix for his CarPro Ironx Snow Soap. And we cant have a unsatisfied customer, So out into the rain I went to conduct multiple tests to find the right dilution for him. That’s the service we like to deliver at the Detail Depot.

CarPro – Iron X Snow Soap – 500ml

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Can You Handle A Big Green FAT BOA – Drying Towel

For the past few years, waffle weaves microfibre towels have been my bread and butter go to drying towel. They have always done an great job, without a single complaint from me.  I really thought they were as good as it gets, until I used the new green 800gsm Fat BOA’s from CarPro. At first I thought that something so fluffy would be a bit to handle when wet, but I was wrong. I drag over the roof and it didn’t leave a single drop of water. That was impressive, and not so different to the other waffle weaves microfibre towels we have. Where it really started to surprise me, was when I finished the first car and it still seemed dry. Then I moved on to the second car, without having to ring it out. And completely dried that one too, Amazing !!!

These 800gsm  towels come in two sizes

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Protecting Your Interior With Silk Shine Dressing – Before & After

Silk Shine dressing is one of Chemical Guys secret weapons, not only can it be used on all exterior plastics, trim and even tyres. It can be used inside your vehicle as well. Here we have the inside door of my own Audi. Before starting we cleaned the door card with Chemical Guys – Nonsense Colorless & Odorless All Surface Cleaner. On the left it shows the door card once cleaned, but still feeling a bit dull. And on the right it has been treated with Chemical Guys Silk Shine Dressing. This has not only brought the rich dark look back to the interior leather and plastic, it will also continue to protect it from any harmfull UV’s that could dull these materials even further

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CarPro CQuartz UK Paint Protection For Nebula Blue Toyota Hilux

Latest work from the our Detailing Service Team FinerDetails
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Finished the Hilux! Vehicle was brand new and untouched from the dealer, paintwork was completely immaculate. Washing and decontamination steps still carried out to ensure perfectly clean paint before protection applied. Vehicle wiped down with ?#?carpro? eraser prior to having 2 coats of?#?cquartzUk? and topped with ?#?reload?. Tires dressed with endurance tire gel and under bonnet plastics with #carpro ?#?PERL?. Exterior plastics coated with ?#?dlux? Interior vacuumed and protected with Carpro ?#?fabric? to guard against stains and spillage – Chris

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