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Detailing FAQ ?

Grooming services are usually based on a low cost high volume wash and wax aimed at the masses. However, there are now an increasing number of detailing services being offered to more discerning customers, we tend to be able to offer specialist techniques such as paint correction and the use of higher quality products for surface protection. These services are more time consuming and require a much greater degree of skill, meaning that they are more expensive. However, because the value of used vehicles is greatly affected by their aesthetic condition, this work usually pays for itself, particularly on prestige and performance vehicles.
Sadly, its common for brand new vehicles to be delivered with defects in the paint, such as marring and buffer trails leftover from the production line. It is equally disappointing that many dealerships do not have the time or skills available on-site to correct these defects prior to handover; instead all that is typically offered is a basic groom (which often does more harm than good) and a poor quality 'lifetime' protection package. If these thoughts concern you, we are happy to take on new car deliveries and ensure that you receive your vehicle in perfect condition with the very best surface treatments applied from the outset. Protecting the bodywork and alloy wheels properly from day one will ensure that they remain easy to keep clean over the first six to twelve months of ownership, and will also help to prevent the harmful acids in everyday contaminants (such as bird droppings and bug remains) from etching the paint.
It is never too late to improve the appearance of sound paint by careful machine polishing. In cases where sub-surface defects are very severe, the limiting factor is always paint depth. If the defects lies within the uppermost layer of paint (either the pigment layer in older single stage paint systems or the clearcoat in modern paint systems) then there is a very high likelihood of achieving a level of correction of 95% or more. However, in cases where such defects penetrate to no more than 20% of the depth of the uppermost layer of paint, there's a very high likelihood of achieving a near perfect level of correction. Indeed, many of our customers are often amazed at the degree to which we are able to restore heavily swirled finishes, to the extent that we almost always do away with the need for any additional bodyshop attention.
Keeping paint in a swirl free condition requires 2 key points to be followed. The first is the use of decent car care products, and the second is good technique. Many of the techniques we use ourselves for safe washing can be found in the relevant guide in the CAR CARE section of our website. In addition, we are always happy to offer detailing advice in order to ensure that our customers are able to safely and effectively maintain the finish we leave them with.
All of the products we use are available to buy at our partner store Detail Depot. We only use and sell products that we know to work well based on our professional experience. This greatly benefits our customers as they always know they are buying products that are proven in the professional field. We are also able to provide our detailing customers high quality maintenance kits.
We do like to share the results of the details we carry out (in the form of images, videos and written descriptions) on our website and the various social media platforms we’re visible on, we are quite happy to stick to strict confidentiality and privacy agreements when requested.
We accept either by cash or bank transfer. We are a fully registered GST company.

If you would like to talk to Chris about any detailing questions not covered above, please contact him on our Enquiry Form.