Chemical Guys – Contour EZ-Form Tires & Trim Applicator

$9.95 Incl gst

  • Smooth, even application – no dripping
  • Protects fingers and nails from grease, grime and dirt
  • Sturdy, durable foam is securely housed in a palm-sized, rectangular handle
  • Easy-grip ergonomic shape
  • Reduces product waste

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About This Applicator

The Contour EZ-Form Tires & Trim Applicator is made of durafoam memory foam to form to the surface you are working with for superior application that spreads evenly, delivering unparalleled results without ever wasting the product. The easy-grip ergonomic shape makes holding this premium applicator a pleasure while the close pored durafoam makes this applicator the best of its kind. The plastic housing of this applicator protects your fingers and nails from grease, grime, dirt and anything else that may be on your tires and trim. The plastic housing even features finger grooves to eliminate slippage. The durable plastic housing will not break or become brittle even when left in the sun for weeks. The design of the Contour EZ-Form Tires & Trim Applicator makes it easy to control and target specific areas. The unique shape allows it to easily and effectively mold itself to the surface while applying an even coat of dressing or conditioner. This applicator truly takes the mess out of the dress.



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