Chemical Guys – TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology – 6 inch

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  • Premium rotary backing plate
  • High performance design that resists wear and tear
  • Designed with a lower profile to reach hard to reach spots
  • Evenly distribute pressure throughout the whole pad

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About The TORQ R5

The Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Red Rotary Backing Plate is the most advanced backing plate for rotary machines on the market! Often times typical backing plates wear out quickly and break from intense heat generated from polishing. With that in mind, Chemical Guys was able to create the TORQ R5 Rotary Backing Plate. After rigorous testing Chemical Guys created a backing plate that contours to surfaces for perfect results, is low profile, and is built to last.

Specifically designed TORQ R5 Red Rotary Backing Plate, is constructed of an impact resistant, synthetic nylon plate and ultra-high-density foam aimed to work as hard as you do. Utilizing the most advanced custom high-density foam, the TORQ R5 Red Rotary Backing plate provides prolonged durability that ultimately reduces wear and tear. The low-profile of the TORQ R5 helps protect surfaces – especially when working close to vents, hood scoops, spoilers, and fenders.

Here are 5 reasons why the TORQ R5 Backing Plate is better than its competitors:

  • Lightweight for ease of maneuverability
  • Ultra-high density foam for ultimate durability
  • Reticulated edges for fast and easy removal of pads
  • More grips on the hook-and-loops pad for ultimate gripping power on all pads
  • It’s overall a fantastic backing plate, no sugar-coating, just an awesome backing plate that works!

Ultra-High Density Foam

The TORQ R5 Backing Plate utilizes an adaptive high density foam that molds, bends, and adapts to variable surfaces with great ease delivering perfect results every time. The innovative design creates a backing plate that is professional and factory OEM grade to resist the harshest use and abuse.

Reticulated Edges

The TORQ R5 Backing Plate has a 1/3 inch reticulated edge. This means that the edge closest to the outside of the backing plate has a lower profile of 1/3 of an inch than the rest of the pad. This makes it a breeze to safely and easily remove pads from the backing plate without tearing the foam or breaking a nail. (Nobody likes broken nails, and we mean NOBODY.)

The double body Hook-and-Loop’s durability ensures that no matter what make, style, or variation of pads you use it will securely and safely adhere to the TORQ R5 Backing Plate.

Additional Rigidity

The TORQ R5 Backing Plate has a 25mm thick micro-fine adaptive urethane specially designed to retain rigidity and maintain a rapid bounce-back effect. Traditional foam pads have a certain lag time for them to re-form and assume desired shape once they have been compressed. TORQ R5 Backing Plate are designed to constantly compress and adjust to variable surfaces quickly. The Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Backing Plate moves with YOU.

Ideal for use with all rotary machines using a 5/8 x 11 threads.


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