Detail Depot – Wash Bucket Grit Guard – Black

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  • Separates the grit from the mitt
  • Breaks dirty water into four quadrants, which keep dirt and grit at the bottom of the bucket
  • Fits most 3.5 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon buckets
  • Radial surface extracts contaminants from wash mitts, brushes, and other cleaning tools
  • The easy solution for a scratch-free wash
  • Transforms from 13cm(130mm) diameter to 36cm(360mm) fit more bucket sizes from 13cm to 36cm.

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Fits in the bottom of your bucket and cleans your wash mitt, brush, towel, or another washing utensil to save your paint from swirl marks and scratches.

The simplest and most cost-effective method for protecting your precious painted surfaces from being scratched while washing your vehicle.

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