Jay Lenos Garage – Clean Strip – 500ml

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Clean Strip from Leno’s Garage is a concentrated car wash shampoo that is blended with strong cleaning agents which help to remove previous wax and sealant applications. Great for preparing your paint for defect correction, or to ensure you’re applying paint protection to a clean surface.

  • Thick, foaming lather helps to lift dirt & grime away from your paint
  • Safely strips away previous wax or paint sealant applications
  • Helps new coating, sealant or wax applications to create a strong bond with the surface
  • Can reveal hidden scratches & swirls marks
  • Ideal for use prior to a claying procedure to help remove embedded dirt particles

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Quick & easily remove previous wax or coating applications without the fear of drying out your plastic, trim & rubber exterior surfaces. Fresh wax, paint protection film, and new coatings bond to the painted surface best when it is clean of old paint protection material.

Stay away from caustic dish soaps & abrasive laundry detergents when washing your vehicle. Sure they may remove a wax coating, but they can also harm your vehicle’s finish by etching, staining or scratching the paint. Instead use a car wash shampoo that is specifically formulated to tackle the task at hand!

Directions for use

Great for use with a traditional hose & bucket, with a foam gun, or even a pressure washer & foam cannon setup. If using a traditional hose & bucket, we suggest using the two-bucket car wash method.

Directions for use with a bucket:

1. Add 2-4 ounces of soap to an empty bucket. Spray a pressurized blast of water to fill the bucket and produce loads of luxurious suds.

2. Wash car or truck with your normal wash routine.

Directions for use with a foam gun or foam cannon setup:

1. Fill the water/soap reservoir with clean water until almost full. Note if there are any fill lines printed on the bottle.

2. Add 2-4 ounces of soap to the water/soap reservoir.

3. Attach to foam gun/cannon and use per manufacturer’s instructions.

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