Lake Country – 7″ Kompressor White Polishing Pad

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The white foam is less dense than the purple or orange. Use the white pad with polishes, light swirl removers, and prewax cleansers. The foam removes very light imperfections, including swirls and light oxidation.

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Today’s vehicles have curves! A standard flat pad just doesn’t cut it. Lake Country’s Kompressor Pads are designed to hug the paint, conforming to the car’s every curve. With an old-fashioned flat pad, you lose surface contact on the fenders and bumper because the pad is unable to adjust to the curves of the vehicle. Because so much of the pad is coming off the paint, you’re more likely to sling polish.

Slotted Pad Face. The series of foam tabs allow the Kompressor pad to constantly conform to the shape of your vehicle as you move the polisher along the paint. This variation in the pad face allows the Kompressor pad to maintain contact with the paint over curved fenders and on concave body panels. With more foam and polish in contact with paint at all times, you get faster results.

Lake Country’s foam compositions are among the best in the industry. Kompressor foam pads are very durable and long-wearing, as you’d expect from any Lake Country pad.

Compressed sweet spot. Kompressor pads get their name from the sweet spot of compressed foam in the center of each pad. The pads are designed to arch. When you press the center of the pad against the backing plate, the center foam compresses, creating the sweet spot. Polish tends to stay in the middle of the pad. The sweet spot reduces sling and holds onto the polish longer.


The compressed sweet spot also extends the pads’ lift by reducing foam breakdown. When the pad compresses, the foam is pushed together to create a dense surface. The foam tabs still have enough movement to conform to the vehicle, but the density of this compressed foam protects the pad against unnecessary wear.

Kompressor pads are easy to clean. The slotted pad face actually makes it easy to clean Kompressor pads. Just arch the pad and you can easily use a brush or your fingers to agitate between the tabs.

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