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Detailing, like many professions that create stunning visual results, rely on two basic factors; these are the right tools, and the knowledge of how to use them. In the detailing world, this means the use of high-quality car-care products, from brands around the world whose performance has been proven time and time again. Combine this with the use of proper detailing techniques, understanding the how and why - all of which must be learnt. The team at the Detail Depot are driven by the pursuit of perfection, evolving as new products are born and techniques evolve. We want to share everything we have learnt about detailing with you, so that you can detail safely and effectively at home. We make sure to only offer you a selection of the very best car-care products from all over the world, plus advice on how best to use them. We guarantee that using our products and following our advice will enable you to achieve that amazingly perfect show-car finish.

Official Distributors for CarPro in New Zealand

CarPro was established in 2009 by people who love their cars with a mission to make exceptional detailing products available to enthusiasts. Their vision and advanced technology brought coatings like CQuartz to the market when they were still unknown to the Western Hemisphere. CarPro was the original creator of Nanotechnology car detailing products and continues to bring new professional car detailing products and fresh ideas to the masses. CarPro has something for every car care need. Your car deserves the ultimate protection and CarPro offers the products that deliver professional results. Follow this link for the full range of CarPro products.

Official Distributors for Jay Lenos Garage in New Zealand

For years Jay Leno has been synonymous with comedy & late-night television, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you also know that Jay’s true passion lies in anything that rolls, explodes or makes noise. Whether it’s the latest hyper-car, or a forgotten relic, over the years Jay has gathered a distinguished collection of automobiles & motorcycles. Keeping this collection clean is no easy task. Some of his cars are being judged at car shows, while others he simply wants to take out for a drive & enjoy. Either way, the cars had to be kept clean. So whether you’re a professional detailer prepping for the next car show, or a weekend warrior detailing your daily driver out on the driveway, Jay Leno's Garage products perform when it matters most. And truth be told, a clean car simply drives better. Follow this link for the full range of JLC detailing products

Official Distributors for Menzerna in New Zealand

Menzerna has been setting standards in the development and production of professional polishing pastes for industry and trades since 1888. Solid compounds, emulsion, car polish or boat polish – Menzerna has the right polish for all surfaces and every application. With innovative mixtures and polishing processes, they ensure that you achieve premium results that inspire and impress. Extensive formulation know-how and a precise understanding of customer requirements have made Menzerna a specialist and technology leader for industrial polishing compounds. Follow this link for the full range of Menzerna detailing products

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We stock the best brands from around the world. Detail Depot are the official distributor for CarPro, Jay Leno's Garage, Flex, Menzerna, Dodo Juice, NanoLex, Kwazar in New Zealand. We also offer and proudly support 303, Zoono and Lake Country. Our team never stops searching high and low to bring you the very best car care products at the best prices.

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The Detail Depot always wants your shopping experience as easier and enjoyable as it can be. We have worked hard at creating a clean category system which allows you to not only shop by brands, types of products and what's new to Detail Depot too.

CQuartz FINEST nanotech ceramic paint protection coating .....

The Detail Depot is the official CarPro distributors in New Zealand. CarPro is the pioneer of Ceramic coatings and nanotech car care products and is the leader in innovation and improvement of pro ceramic coating technology across the world! CQuartz Finest is the exclusive flagship ceramic coating from CarPro.  To find more info about CQuartz Finest or an approved installer in New Zealand, click the like to CarPro.NZ/ApprovedDetailers.

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We strive to bring you the best products from around the world and the right techniques to use them. But we also work hard to make your online experience effortless, and we provide you with multiple payment options. Paypal, for credit card and PayPal account payment options, POLi instant direct banking payments, Humm for buy now pay later payments and manual overnight direct banking payments.